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St. Peter's Support Group

Valuable Personal Resources

Who Are We?
For 27 years, the St. Peter's Support Group has been devoted to helping people on a peer to peer basis who are coping with a divorce or the loss of a spouse or who have never been married. Through it's leaders and dedicated volunteers, the group provides support through its' weekly meetings that include discussions and sharing which helps individuals take their minds off any current problems and also by the  contributions of others who have been through similar situations (who survived and prospered). The group has a good balance of both men and women with members of all different ages.

This is a warm and caring group of sincere people who have created a community that supplies generous support and friendship not only to its' members, but also gives support to local, needy causes that come to its' attention.

First time visitors are offered an orientation and sharing meeting guided by one of the long time group leaders.

For more information, send an email to:

Valued Divorce And Self Help Resource Programs

The Support Group has put together a number of resources and reports to help and guide people with the process of a divorce, separation or self growth. These resources provide free newsletters and most have useful articles available for you to download, read and keep. They all have valuable, proven  products that can help you grow and attain a better and  more prosperous life.

These few have been selected because of their proven records of success and we will be adding more over time. Don't hesitate to visit these sites to see if what they're offering could be of value to you.

Think Right Now - "Even If All Else Has Failed!" The Think Right Now audio programs are superb! Their focus on health and wellness, and on goal setting (perfect for New Year's!) and practical skills like sales, are incredible. They are very well done, and THEY WORK! Friends and clients love them and using the programs DOES make a difference! I highly recommend them and have and personally use the goal setting, exercise and healthy eating programs almost every day, and I'm can tell you, they are fantastic! If you want to start 2004 on a stronger footing, buy and use these programs!

RichBits - Powerful Wealth Building Books and Online Seminars
Darel Rutherford has made his millions and has spent the last 35 years as a financial prosperity coach, author and seminar producer. Author of a numerous printed and eBooks dealing with personal wealth and success, he is still actively delivering wealth building workshops on line. He writes a free newsletter that can be yours for the asking by visiting his site and signing up.

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