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Develop Your Personal Subconscious Mind

1. You do have a subconscious mind. Think of the first bicycle you ever had. Were you thinking of that 5 minutes ago? Where did that thought come from? You must have a place where it was stored. You do. It is your personal subconscious (just below conscious) mind.

2. Everything comes through the doorway (portal) of your conscious mind. The only gateway into your personal subconscious mind is through your conscious thought. What are you thinking right now? It will filter through your conscious mind into your subconscious.

3. You don't forget anything. Everything that you have ever thought, said, seen, experienced or perceived is recorded in your personal subconscious mind. It is like a never ending tape in your psyche. It is recording right now.

4. Some thoughts, lessons, impressions are more clearly and permanently recorded than others. It really depends what your emotional state was at the time the thought or experience was recorded. This will determine the depth of 'impression' that it made in your personal subconscious mind.

5. Your personal subconscious mind is like a vast landscape. When a child is born, the subconscious mind is clear all the way to the furthest horizons. There is little to clutter up the landscape. This is why children have little to no problem with trust and faith. This is why they learn so much in their formative years. There is little to obstruct their view to the vast horizons of the landscape of their personal subconscious.

6. You build monuments (buildings, structures, etc.) upon the landscape of your personal subconscious mind. You build either monuments that are healthy and positive or monuments that are destructive and detrimental to your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health upon the landscape of your subconscious mind. Some monuments are imposed upon you by others through a certain belief system. Others, you perpetuate yourself.

7. Your monuments of belief tower over your entire life. We generally continue to build certain beliefs until they become so imposing that we can't see reality. We view the world through the obstructions of the monuments of belief we have established.

8. The monuments are built one (thought) brick at a time. We don't come into negative, destructive thinking overnight. Nor do we come into a healthful, positive, faith-full pervasive attitude overnight. We build our monuments of belief one thought at a time.

9. We need to 'raze' in order to 'raise.' We need to 'raze' (tear down, destroy, implode) old negative paradigms of thought in order to 'raise' (build up, construct) new positive, life promoting and healthy paradigms of thought.

10. The project goes on 24/7. You can't get inspired 'once in a while' and expect things to change. You must make a 'conscious' effort to make a 'subconscious' permanent change. Change from within and your outer world will follow suit.

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