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The Top 10 Tips to Begin the Practice of Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are things we say to ourselves that build us up and make us strong. They empower us to take chances and to be our best. Thoughts run through our mind thousands of times a day and are often negative. Making positive affirmations a daily practice gives you a powerful tool to strengthen your inner foundation and follow your bliss.

1. Get over feeling funny. Doing something new takes practice and because it is unfamiliar it might feel funny at first. Get over it. So often, it doesn't feel funny to talk negatively to ourselves, but praise feels awkward. Just do it and don't worry if it feels funny. In time, you will feel less and less awkward.

2. Begin your affirmation with "I." The more you personalize what you say the more it will hit home and stick.

3. Put your affirmation in the present tense. Keeping the statement in the present will give it more power. Avoid can, will, could or should in your statements.

4. Make it short and sweet. Make the affirmation meaningful to you. If affirmations are too long, you may find it cumbersome or difficult to say on a regular basis. Longer affirmations work well during meditative moments.

5. Practice. Teaching our inner voice to speak well to us takes some practice. For most people it is an under developed muscle. Practice and your affirming voice will become stronger.

6. Clear vision. Hold a clear vision of what is possible for you in your life. Picture yourself absorbing the positive affirmations as they become a part of you.

7. Write it down. Writing down the positive affirmations helps your mind remember the new statements.

8. Repeat them often. Repetition facilitates learning. The more often you say positive affirmations the more they become a part of you.

9. Make them fun. Enjoy yourself with them. Laugh and hold out a sense of lightness.

10. Remember to be gentle. Remember that the more you nourish and cherish yourself the better able you are to live a life you love. Be patient and loving as you learn something new.

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