"Get What You Want From Life"

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Getting What You Want From Life
by Fred Zurofsky

With out a doubt, we all have different motivations for doing things. Sometimes these motivations are from something we're moving toward and other times by something we're moving away from. Without ever looking at what's driving us at a particular time, we simply become "response machines!" As Plato said, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Getting what you want from life is a big problem for many people but it doesn't have to be.

One of the biggest problems for these people is that they never sat down and figured out what it is that will provide them with the joy and satisfaction they're looking for. They simply buy or do the next thing in the hope that 'this will be it,' and while it may bring satisfaction for a while, it usually lasts for a short time and they're back looking for something new.

Much has been written about getting success, satisfaction and getting what you want from life, but there's little real help in learning the steps to help you obtain what you want and need. Oh yes, advice is given like "if you want to be happy, you have to give up being angry" or "if you want that new car, just visualize it and it'll appear." If it were that easy, everyone would be driving the new BMW 745-I.

This well meaning advice provides no access to the real power you possess that can literally produce the results you desire in a very short time.

Just look at the huge number of books on dieting with people continuing to purchase book after book in the 'hope' that "this book" will give me the slim body I crave and hope, all the time knowing on some level, what they have to do in order to loose weight but not being able to make it happen on a continuing basis. People know What to do, but need to find a way to How To Do It And Make It Happen.

While weight loss is a specific and measurable objective, success is a less tangible and measurable area in life. It means one thing to one person and something else to another. So how can we set out to determine if success has been achieved? Is there a common specific measure we can use to determine if you are successful? The answer is "NO," but there is a generally accepted statement that seems to sum it up well and that is, "Success Means Being Able to Live The Life You Love in The Way You Want." Not many people can do that today but here's a way to get you started on your success plan.

1. Make Your 'WILL' list
You have to know where you want to go and clearly specify what you want from life for yourself. "Wanting is Begging" so I prefer to call this my "Will List" because I believe strongly that I "Will" get the things on my list. Don't be fooled by this seemingly simple approach. Most people don't get what they want because they are not clear and have never written these things down with the expectation of actually getting them.

Many of the people I see have 'hopes and wishes' and treat the idea that they could actually get them in a very casual manner. So you can just guess what results they produce. Make your list clear and state what you really want and expect you can get, even though the means may not be currently known.

As you write each item, think for a moment about it coming into your life. If it's more money, see the actual amount listed on you monthly bank statement. If it's a new mate, see her (him) in front of you, speaking and touching them.  Let yourself go and create a list of what you know you will get. Your intuition will guide you to  the items.

2. Develop a "Strong, Burning Desire"
In doing this and the former step diligently, you will be sending a signal to the Universe of your INTENTION to be successful. Half-hearted efforts DON'T WORK! I've seen this advice offered before, but with no details as how to do it. Well, the way to do this is much the same as you would use to acquire say, that new car or a vacation.

Everything starts with a thought that becomes an interest as you start acquiring details and information about it. Your interest start to grow and you either visit a dealer in or on the internet. You gather specifications and brochures about such things as availability and costs.

Now your desire to get this new thing starts to grow and you move into the stage that will begin to increase and this is the most important stage in the development of your plan.

You now start to VISUALIZE yourself actually in the seat, driving the car or on the beach drinking a Pina Colada. This process causes a shift in your thinking from a passive, "I'm not sure," to powerful, "I WANT IT NOW!"

3. Create a SUPPORT STRUCTURE to keep your desire HOT!
Be aware of the "Law of Diminishing Intentions!" Like so many New Year?s resolutions, desire and intention can diminish quickly. To help prevent this, you have to put a structure in place that will keep your desire present and working for you. Create poster boards with pictures that represent what you're claiming and use stickies around your home and office to ?refresh? your mind each time you see them. Have a trusted friend support your objectives.

In my eBook, I present an exercise that provides a powerful method for you to define, specify, list and create the intended outcomes you desire. It?s and much too detailed to present in this article, but it's fully explained and shown in "The Success Secrets of The Ages - Revealed."

4. Take Immediate Action!
You'll be wasting your time without a plan of action. You must create this plan out of knowing how you've performed in the past. If need be, this plan may be 'baby steps' and should include steps to handle any slow down and loss of interest that will come up as it gets a little tougher to continue. "Inch by inch, anything's a cinch!"

About the Author:
Fred Zurofsky is an author and internet business strategist. He writes ebooks covering topics ranging from investing strategies, self help, personal transformation and internet business development at his soon to be launched web site:

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